Jon Hamm Interview – Keeping Up With The Joneses – “That’s my excuse for everything, I’m old”



Jon Hamm is widely known around the world as a Hollywood sex symbol. The unmistakeable square-jaw, that hulking frame, those twinkling eyes – the man is an Adonis. Though he fails to see it that way. “If people saw me in my sweats, picking up the dog’s crap off the sidewalk, that whole thing would be dead.”


Q: For those who have never seen you in anything else other than Mad Men, it may come as a shock that you are really funny.

HAMM: Ohh no, I don’t agree with that. I’m not. I’m smart. I’m smart enough to know that I am funny when I’m beside funny people and can absorb some of their comedic glow. Out there by myself, I am not funny. And if it comes across that way that I am, it’s just an accident, it’s never intentioned on my part.

Word count: 1957

Jon Hamm

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