Julia Roberts Interview – Money Monster – “Getting to boss around [George Clooney ] is pretty funny”


CANNES – Few actresses can match Julia Roberts for sheer star wattage. Whether it’s up close and in person doing press, or up on the silver screen, Roberts exudes a larger than life aura. She brings an intensity to the way she smiles and the way she looks at you – perhaps that’s why audiences have long been drawn to her magnetic personality and highly charged performances.


Q: You’ve been friend with George Clooney ever since you met on Ocean’s 11. What was it like working with him again on Money Monster? Did you get to discover any new sides to him?

ROBERTS: No, absolutely not! I know everything about George, so there is nothing more for me to learn! (Smiles) But it was surreal for me to be able to give him orders on the set because in the film I play the producer and he’s the presenter of the show. So I have to keep him in line. Getting to boss around a friend like that is pretty funny. I really enjoyed that!

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