Kate Winslet 1-1: Misconceptions, Glamour and Grinding Coffee – ‘The Mountain Between Us’

Twenty years since they declared their undying love for each other, so many of us are still wishing Titanic’s Rose held on that little longer to poor Jack.  And some ardent fans even go so far as to accost Kate Winslet about it.  “I’ll be confronted,” she titters. “if only you’d held on longer. There’s a lot of people who wish Jack and Rose had made it out alive together.”

Two decades since a lead turn in James Cameron’s billion-dollar epic turned her into a household name, Winslet, 41 remains humble and enthusiastic and always grateful.

While her peers baulk at the repeated mention of a star-making role, the British star soaks up the praise, knowing full well just how important a film it is to fans around the world.

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