Kathering Heigl Interview: “I have never been that crazy ex, as far as I’m aware!” – Unforgettable

Known for her lovably fluffy roles in Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl goes completely against type as a deranged ex-wife intent on ruining her estranged husband’s new relationship in Unforgettable.
Has the star ever experienced anything similar in real-life?
“I have never been that crazy ex as far as I’m aware. But I’m probably the wrong person to ask,” she laughs. “And I’ve also been pretty lucky with ex-boyfriends, no worrying behaviour. It’s all so boring.”
There’s certainly been nothing boring about Heigl’s tumultuous career.
The one-time queen of Hollywood romcom suffered massive image damage while starring on Grey’s Anatomy as fan favourite, Dr Izzy Stevens. After five years on the hit series, Heigl fell out with showrunner, Shonda Rimes and was immediately targeted with rumours and stories of diva and difficult behaviour.

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