Kathy Bates Interview – American Horror Story – “I never wanted to be a mother. Ever, ever, ever, ever”


One of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation, Kathy Bates has a closet full of Tony’s, Emmys and Golden Globes for her work on stage, film and TV. But she is best recognized for her ability to scare the hell out of us, earning an Oscar for her portrayal of a psychopath kidnapper in Misery and multiple awards for her roles in TV’s American Horror Story.


Q: You don’t have any children of your own. But Matt Bomer and Evan Peters have both been cast as your sons on AHS. What’s it been like having them as your surrogate sons?

Kathy: I never wanted to be a mother. Ever, ever, ever, ever. As for Evan and Matt, it just took imagination, that’s all I can say. I just tried to love.

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Kathy Bates

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