Keanu Reeves Interview – The Whole Truth – “The Matrix was a huge surprise in the reaction that it received and still receives today”



He’s Keanu Reeves!! Even ‘Keanu’ sparks recognition all over the world. Speed, The Matrix, Bill and Ted, Point Break, Constantine – the guy is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. However, that doesn’t mean the youthful 52-year-old is anywhere high on the industry pecking order.


Q: What about fan attention on the street, what’s that like for you?

REEVES: I love that! Yea, I’ve no problem with anyone coming up to me and saying, ‘I loved your movie.’ I encourage it [laughs]. Now, if they want to come and cuss out what I’ve done, it’s a free country, but I don’t want to hear that as much [laughs].

Keanu Reeves

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