Keanu Reeves Profile – John Wick 2



When it comes to riding a motorbike, Keanu Reeves is no celebrity dilettante. Like his alter ego Johnny Utah in Point Break, the enigmatic movie star is an admitted speed demon who regularly tests his limits as a fearless motorcyclist racing around L.A. and other parts of the world.  As a young boy growing up in Toronto, Canada, where he first aspired to be a hockey goaltender before acting intervened, Reeves was fascinated by bikes.


Though he insists that he’s “not lonely,” motor biking would appear to be his surest means of combating a chronic sense of restlessness and finding peace of mind. He confesses that he’s often “happiest” cruising along Sunset Boulevard late at night where there’s little traffic and he can admire the beauty and spectacle of cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Word count: 1888

Keanu Reeves

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