Kelly Preston Exclusive: “She gave me her rings, her wedding ring, to wear. She told me everything…” – ‘Gotti’

For some people, Kelly Preston may just be John Travolta’s wife. And the fact that she’s never achieved the same amount of superstardom and has ‘only’ been cast as a supporting player (his spouse) in the mafia biopic Gotti seems to emphasize this. But during this conversation in the Carlton Hotel in Cannes it becomes quite obvious that the 55-year-old has a strong mind of her own and a strong personality to match her husband’s. Not only from her confident, bolt upright posture and manner of speaking but also from her poignant statements.

Did you meet John Gotti’s wife for the preparation for this film?

PRESTON: I spent a lot of time with her. It was amazing. To be able to play someone – I had read the books of their children. I scoured the Internet, there is not much on her on the Internet. There was this one eight-minute interview that has now been removed. I could feel what she was like. Very spicy. She is tough and funny as hell and smart, adores her children and is very protective of her husband. She invited us for the day. She cooked the most amazing meal. And we spent the whole day with her. And then we became friends. Her son, Junior, said she is my biggest fan and she is so happy that I playing her. And she gave me her rings, her wedding ring, to wear. She told me everything.


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