Kelly Rohrbach Interview – Baywatch – “it would take an hour for me to get into the suit”


Kelly Rohrbach still feels like a she’s “just getting started” when it comes to her acting career. But with her role in BAYWATCH,  the screen adaptation of the the long-running 90s TV series that became an international pop phenomenon, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is making as massive splash – pardon the pun – in her feature film debut.


Q:  There’s already been a lot of talk about the iconic red swimsuit.  How much effort went into finding the right suit and creating the right look for you?

ROHRBACH:   We went through about ten different versions of the swimsuit until they got it right.  They wanted to create a very modern look to it but still keep some of that 90s look which I really like because it comes up high on the hip and makes your legs look much longer.

There was a lot of testing and they added zippers and after about a month we figured a way to get it right. The only problem was that they had to kind of glue me into it so that the suit wouldn’t wrinkle up on my bum.  So it would take an hour for me to get into the suit.

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Kelly Rohrbach

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