Lady Gaga Interview – “With Facebook, Instagram, we’re living in a world of illusion”


She’s long been one of the most exciting and talented singer/songwriters of her time.  Today, at 30, Lady Gaga is about to set the music world on fire again with her new album – “Joanne” – the fifth of her career.


Q: Your new album “Joanne” would seem to be very personal. Does the first single to be released, “Perfect Illusion,” set the tone for what you are trying to say?

LADY GAGA: I wanted the album to be as authentic as possible and that song refers to all those things in life which appear to be real and genuine and turn out to be faked. That can apply to things people say, to relationships, to the things you see on social networks.

With Facebook, Instagram, we’re living in a world of illusion. There are all sorts of perfect illusions out there and we need to try to distinguish between what is sincere and honest and what is not.

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Lady Gaga

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