Léa Seydoux Interview – It’s Only the End of the World – “In my normal, daily life, I’m a mess”



Léa Seydoux is slowly coming to terms with herself. Terrifically shy and anxious as a teenager, the French actress has gradually gained self-confidence in the course of becoming one of her country’s top film stars.


Q: You have been very open about the difficult time you experienced as a teenager. Were there moments when your work on this film made you uncomfortable or filled you with anxiety?

SEYDOUX: … In my normal, daily life, I’m a mess and I’m constantly wondering what to do with myself. But when the camera starts rolling, I am able to completely let myself go and live in that moment. It’s a wonderful feeling and that’s why I love my work so much…

Léa Seydoux Interview - It's Only the End of the World

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