LeAnn Rimes Interview – “I’d never part with even one bag of Chanel bag collection”


LeAnn Rimes just finished a walk outdoors where she enjoyed nature at her Malibu, California home and her feet dug into the grass.  Now she feels absolutely refreshed, energized and stress-free.  At 33 years of age, the country and pop superstar is an old pro when it comes to living life in the spotlight – lawsuits, divorce, family strife and especially her relationship, and marriage to, actor Eddie Cibrian that played out in the tabloids, labeling her a home wrecker.


Q.  You have graced the pages of many fashion magazines so what are some of your style secrets – what was your last fashion splurge?

A.  A Chanel bag…fringe mushroom colored bag.  I have a Chanel bag collection of about 10 so far and I’ll keep adding to it.  I’d never part with even one of them.  I love handbags and shoes but those are the kind of bags that the longer you keep, the more they’re worth.   I’d say my personal style is bohemian rock with a chic twist.  I love being girly but with an edge to it.  My go-to outfit lately are these baggy cut off shorts with a tank top and a button down shirt over it.  Top it off with white tennis shoes.

Word count: 1972


LeAnn Rimes

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