Liam Neeson Interview – Silence – “I’ve always doubted my faith”



Liam Neeson isn’t a man for bullsh*t. He always calls it like it is. Like when actors who work with Martin Scorsese suddenly call him ‘Marty’. The 64 year-old legend has no time for that.


Q: This movie asks questions about life and death. And then Silence asks questions about faith. Did you question your faith after working on this?

NEESON: I’ve always doubted my faith, in times more than others. At various times in my life. But I don’t believe you can have deep faith without serious misgivings and I think my misgivings, my doubt will stay with me until the day I die. But I’m proud of always asking questions, and know full well I’ll never learn the answers. That won’t stop me asking.

Liam Neeson

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