Lily-Rose Depp Interview – Planetarium – “I’m a perfectionist and I am willing to work very hard to succeed”


It’s tough being a teenager much less growing up under the spotlight when you’re the daughter of Hollywood star Johnny Depp and cult French pop star Vanessa Paradis. But Lily-Rose Depp has seemingly mastered the art of being cool in both English and French. She uses her bilingual skills to full advantage in two new films – PLANETARIUM, co-starring Natalie Portman – and LA DANSUESE (The Dancer) – co-starring Gaspard Ulliel and Soko.


Q: Your co-star Soko in The Dancer has said that even though you’re quite young you were very mature and disciplined on the set and you gave a very charismatic performance?

LRD: I’ve grown up in the business and so I’m used to this world. I’m very ambitious and I’ve always known what comes with this job and that has made it more natural for me to be on a set and know how to prepare myself for a role. I’m a perfectionist and I am willing to work very hard to succeed.

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Lily-Rose Depp

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