Lisa Kudrow – Exclusive – “It was a phenomenon and we were right in the middle of it.” – The Boss Baby.

Thirteen years after the celebrated finale, the 53 year-old actress remains synonymous with her small-screen alter ego. And like her fellow cast, continuously fields questions and rumours of a reunion. And when we speak today for her latest movie, The Boss Baby, Kudrow has to sadly confirm that no plans for such a comeback are afoot. And fans may have to make do with it never happening.

That’s not to say Lisa wouldn’t like to participate. Far from it, the star admits she’d be keen so there remains a glimmer of hope.

Typically funny and wry, she chats about her experiences working on the new Dreamworks animation, which sees Alec Baldwin’s infant CEO of Baby Corp, infiltrate a family with connections to rival Puppy Corp in a bid to take them down.  Playing his adoptive mum alongside Jimmy Kimmel’s dad, Kudrow coos and ahhs at the duplicitous bundle of joy as he make it his mission to decimate a corporate empire.

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