Maisie Williams – Exclusive: “I watched Chicken Run religiously. To the point of obsession. Dangerous obsession…” – ‘Early Man’

Inside the Hollywood bubble, they’re what one would refer to as #friendshipgoals. But does that mean Maisie Williams will be Sophie Turner’s maid of honour at her upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas?  “I’d bloody well hope so” she cries. “I’m going to be fuming otherwise.”

It’s so hard to believe Williams is merely 20 years-old. Her assured demeanour, her dirty laugh, her knowing pale eyes all indicate the presence of a person ten years older. Perhaps it’s because we’ve grown up with the actress as Game of Thrones’ Arya as much as she has. Perhaps her portrayal of child warrior was so full of wisdom and maturity, we’ve always assumed she was older.

However, sitting with the diminutive star today, ever stylish in a lilac blazer and matching skirt with her brown locks shiny and sleek, her skin dewy and understated, there’s a young girlishness to her mood. And as we’re chatting about her latest role in Aardman’s freshest production, Early Man, makes sense Williams would regress somewhat.

In this instant animated classic, she plays Goona, a smart-mouthed no nonsense, football fanatic merchant living in the Bronze Age who offers her assistance to Eddie Redmayne’s Dug, a hapless cave man from the Stone Age in deep trouble.  He finds himself at loggerheads with Tom Hiddleston’s evil Lord Nooth and has to find a way to defeat him, or his fellow cave dwellers will end up in the mines.

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