Margot Robbie Interview – “Every character I play makes me look at myself a little more”


Much has been written about Margot Robbie’s mythic sex appeal.  She’s both an It Girl and Glamour Girl who burst onto the Hollywood scene as the feisty bombshell in Wolf of Wall Street.  Her striking beauty is such that it tends obscure her abundant talent whose work in two summer blockbusters – the recent THE LEGEND OF TARZAN and the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD – will go a long way to establishing her as one of the film industry’s hottest stars.


Q:  What kind of an effect does it have on you psychologically to have to switch from one extreme to another?

ROBBIE: It does end up affecting me because you do end up asking yourself questions like: “What does my character do? What does my character think?” Ultimately, you are asking yourself those things as well.

Every character I play makes me look at myself a little more, so it is interesting! But they are totally different and it was cool to be able to explore one kind of person and then the complete opposite.

Word count: 1435


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