Marion Cotillard Interview – It’s Only the End of the World – “[Macbeth] was by far the darkest role of my career”


BEVERLY HILLS/CANNES – It’s going to be another big year for Marion Cotillard, the ethereally beautiful Oscar-winning French actress.  Her new movie, It’s Only the End of the World, directed by French Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan, recently won second prize at the presitgious Cannes Film Festival where she was also appearing in Mal de Pierres, a post WWII drama about a woman teetering on the edge madness after being trapped in a loveless marriage.


Q:  Why was that?

COTILLARD:  I’m the kind of person who would never hurt a fly, and this film was so violent and brutal that it was very stressful for.  It [Macbeth] was by far the darkest role of my career.

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Marion Cotillard

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