Mark Rylance Interview – The BFG – “I felt more as a collaborator than I have in any other film”


A speech impediment as a child may have led BAFTA and Oscar winner Mark Rylance (best supporting actor for “Bridge of Spies”) to become an actor.

“I couldn’t be understood by anyone until I was six,” Rylance revealed during a recent interview. “I would speak gibberish.”

His father, a teacher, would take him to speech therapists, but the actor feels what really helped him was watching actors speak on TV. His favorite show was the American western “The Wild Wild West.” He and his young friends would reenact what they saw on the show and eventually Rylance not only could be understood, but audiences eventually would pay to watch him perform.


Q: Does he give you a lot of one-on-one input as an actor? Does he give you a lot of freedom?

Rylance: I don’t know how he directs other people and I suspect that he’s changed since he was a young director. I suspect that he’s more confident. He’s incredibly enthusiastic and friendly and I felt enormous freedom. I don’t feel the freedom to fuck up his movie. (He chuckles.) But I feel enormous freedom to play. That’s where I like to find things.

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