Mel Gibson Interview – Hacksaw Ridge – “I hate war but I love the warrior”



Sporting a rather Biblical-era beard is hardly unusual for Mel Gibson, a devout Catholic and the director of The Passion of The Christ (2004) amongst other films. Looking fit in a black polo shirt and blue jeans, the outspoken movie star/filmmaker is seeking redemption of sorts after his fall from Hollywood grace following some ill-chosen comments he made in the course of a roadside arrest and a nasty divorce battle.


Q: Is this film your way of making a statement against war?

GIBSON: It’s an anti-war film. I hate all wars and I believe that there are no just wars. I hate war but I love the warrior. I believe that it’s important to love and honour our warriors and pay tribute to those who fought and sacrificed their lives on the front lines. I hope my film does that.

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Mel Gibson

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