Michael Fassbender Interview – The Light Between Oceans – “This girl [Alicia Vikander] frightens me”


When he’s not playing Magneto in the X-Men films or depicting real-life supersized public figures as he did in Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender tackles more down to earth characters as he does in the romantic drama “The Light Between Oceans.”


Q: This is a fantastically complicated, complex character that you’re playing here. Could you talk a little bit about who Tom Sherbourne is and what you felt were the challenges of this role? What was it like working with Alicia?

Fassbender: I said to Derek (Cianfrance, the director) early on, “This girl frightens me.” She’s so fierce and brave as a performer. It kind of bowled me over. It was great and really made me feel like I had to come to work in the morning. It was great, because we had a great chemistry from the beginning. We really relied on one another and pushed one another and supported one another and that’s really the ideal scenario when you’re working together.

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Michael Fassbender

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