Mila Kunis Interview – Bad Moms – “[Hillary Clinton] is so brilliant”


Mila Kunis has tackled a variety of roles in a wide range of genres over the years, including likable high schooler Jackie on TV’s “That ‘70s Show,” Natalie Portman’s dark rival in thriller “Black Swan” and Mark Wahlberg’s exasperated girlfriend in Seth MacFarlane comedy “Ted.”


Q: What do you think of her now that you’ve met and talked with her?

Kunis: She’s really smart. At the end of the day I think people discredit her level of intelligence and everything else is just loud noise and it doesn’t matter, She’s so brilliant. Here’s what I will say about her. The most brilliant people I’ve ever met, I go to conferences all the time. I go to Yellowstone and I’m very privileged that I get to be a part of these amazing groups. The most brilliant people that I’ve ever had the luxury to talk to have always been in her cabinet. The one thing I can always say is I know whether she’s smart or not, she hired really, really smart people and lets them do their job.

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Mila Kunis

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