Miranda Kerr Interview – “I have always tried to inspire other women”


Miranda Kerr is a force of nature.  Whether it’s attending a UNICEF ball in Hong Kong, rocking the red carpet in the latest designer dress, or strutting the catwalk at this month’s Moschino Spring/Summer show in Los Angeles, the Australian supermodel brings an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and positive energy to every aspect of her life which includes raising her 5-year-old son, Flynn, from her former marriage to actor Orlando Bloom.


Q:  Many young women have come to regard you as a role model.  You’ve also written two books, Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself, which are self-help guides for women?

KERR:  I have always tried to inspire other women to live healthier lives and encourage women to be their best selves.  I try to be a good example and if possible help women to improve their lives and embrace themselves.  Women should be true to who they are rather than trying to be someone else.

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Miranda Kerr

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