Naomi Watts Interview – “having kids encourages you to be more active than ever”


TORONTO –  Naomi Watts is a very active wife and mother.  Even with two “highly energetic” young boys to look after, the 47-year-old actress keeps working at a breakneck pace.  This year alone sees her appearing in five films – the recently released Allegiant, the upcoming Demolition, and three Autumn indie releases: Shut In, The Bleeder, and The Book of Henry.  In addition, she will be starring in the new Netflix TV series, Gypsy, and the highly anticipated reboot of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, reuniting her with the director who launched her career by casting her in Mulholland Drive (2001).


Q:  You seem busier than ever these days.  Is it hard for you to turn good projects down?

WATTS:  I still feel I have a lot left to accomplish when it comes to my work.  I think I’m more demanding of myself than ever and I’m constantly looking for interesting stories and characters to play.  When I was in my 20s, I was often frustrated by not finding work and then in my 30s I was very bold and single-minded when it came to my work and that was my entire focus.

Now a lot of my decisions depend on where a film is going to be shot because I don’t want to be separated from my children for too long and that means trying to work closer to home.  My family means too much to me to want to disrupt the life we have together.

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Naomi Watts

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