Naomie Harris Interview – Our Kind of Traitor – “Ewan [McGregor] has zero ego, he’s really humble


In Our Kind of Traitor, Naomie Harris and Ewan McGregor are Gail and Perry, a couple struggling to move past an act of infidelity. On a make it or break it holiday to Marrakech, they encounter a Russian oligarch (Stellan Skargard) who embroils them in a money laundering sting that could land both in serious trouble.


Q: You’ve got an amazing rapport with Ewan, what was it like working together?

HARRIS: You know, Ewan has zero ego, he’s really really humble. Which considering what he’s done, all he’s achieved…he’s very open, very generous, very considerate. It’s very easy to love him as a performer and as the character and it’s very easy for me to understand why Gail goes on a journey with him like this, even when she’s so reluctant. There’s something almost vulnerable and childlike about his performance, it really pulls on your heartstrings.

Word count: 2025

Naomie Harris

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