Natalie Portman Interview – Jackie – “I very much resisted being a part of this”



The intellectual actress is synonymous for pushing the boundaries. From gut-wrenching performances in Cold Mountain, V For Vendetta [which she shaved her head] and Closer, she went onto study psychology at Harvard, win an Oscar as a ballerina in a dark abyss in Black Swan and direct and star in an all-Herbrew epic, A Tale of Love and Darkness.


Q: She’s been portrayed many times before on screen, was that a concern?

PORTMAN: My first reaction when I heard about the script was, ‘why would anyone want to retell this story that’s been done to death.’ I very much resisted being a part of this. But then reading it, it was a new direction and angle that seemed very fresh and alternative and that got me hooked.

Natalie Portman

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