Nicole Kidman Interview – Lion – “far more roles are available to me, than when I was younger”



When Sue Brierley first spoke with Lion director Garth Davis about who should play her in the movie of her life, there was only one choice – Nicole Kidman.  And when that wish made its way to the 49 year-old star, she was a little taken back.


Q: You’re turning a milestone next year [50], how does, if even it does at all, effect how you look at your career and your future choices?

KIDMAN: … Now, there’s this really bizarre lottery of emotions available and consequently, far more roles and types of roles and demographics and situations are available to me, than when I was younger. Amazing! I am a character actor, that was my goal. I wasn’t educated at drama school with the goal of being, you know, a movie star.


Nicole Kidman

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