Olivia Newton-John Interview – “Balanced living for me is work and play and stress reduction along with healthy eating”


More than 30 years after lighting up the silver screen in “Grease”, Olivia Newton-John hasn’t lost any of the brightness that made her a global sweetheart.  That’s amazing, considering all she’s been through since her “Sandra Dee” days.  In the early ‘90s, she battled breast cancer and soon after her recovery, she weathered a divorce that made her a single mom to daughter, Chloe, now 30.  At 68, the remarried, singer/songwriter/actress and International superstar is selling out her acclaimed “Summer Nights” concert residency at the Flamingo Las Vegas and is thrilled that a portion of every ticket sold to her shows benefits the Wellness Programs at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness Centre in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia.


Q.  How would you describe balanced living in general?

A.  Balanced living for me is work and play and stress reduction along with healthy eating.  I find when I come home to my husband and my animals and to nature, I find that balances my life.  They’re the things that bring me the most peace and joy.  Being in nature, with my dog, my cat, my chickens, my little horses, giving back whenever you can…all of these things bring me happiness too.  Nature, friends, family, animals and music of course.

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Olivia Newton-John

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