Rachel Weisz: “It was about friendship…and erotic love.” – ‘Disobedience’.

“They are two very different kinds of women yet they found love together even though that’s something very difficult to find even under normal circumstances. But in their case, it’s much more complicated because you can’t be gay if you live in that world and you can’t express that side of yourself.”

“I’ve never played in a film before where I had so many scenes with another woman and where I was able to connect to a female character in such a close way…There should be more places for such stories to be told in our industry.”

“I can understand of course how it’s important to try to free yourself from the kind of conditioning that takes place in your family even though you don’t necessarily know where you’re going or exactly what you want to do in life. It takes time and even as you get older you don’t necessarily feel you’ve figured everything out.”

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