Riley Keough Interview – The Girlfriend Experience – “singing is not one of my greatest talents”



There’s a heavy burden of expectations that comes with being the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, even though he died just before she was born.  Fortunately, Riley Keough chose acting rather than music as her creative outlet so she could at least avoid comparisons to a musical God.  Yet she’s had her entire career to define herself apart from her illustrious lineage.  In person, though, she’s relaxed and unassuming, utterly unconcerned and almost indifferent to the hype that has long been part of her world.


Q:  What kind of a singer are you?

KEOUGH:  (Laughs)  Singing is something I enjoy doing at home with my husband or when I’m listening to the radio in the car.  But singing is not one of my greatest talents and in a lot of ways I’m happy with that.  It’s not as if there wouldn’t be any comparisons made or any pressure that would have come with being a singer!

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Riley Keough

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