Rooney Mara Interview – ‘The Secret Scripture’ – “”I’m very Irish on both sides of my family, but I’d never been to Ireland and I’d never worked there…”

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Fresh off the accolades accorded her recent film, LION, Rooney Mara is back in full swing with three new films set for release in the coming months.   First up is THE SECRET SCRIPTURE, a haunting drama directed by award-winning director Jim Sheridan that recounts the tortured past of Rose, a young Irish woman in 1940s Ireland who falls in love with Michael (Jack Reynor), a dashing fighter pilot. Mara was drawn to the role because it gave her a way to get back in touch with her Irish roots.

Mara says. “I grew up in Catholic school, so there were things about the story I wanted to learn more about….It meant a lot to me to be able to be part of this film.”


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