Rose Byrne Interview – Bad Neighbours 2 – “I have a very maternal role toward him [Zac Efron]”


Aussie Rose Byrne is best known for her role as Ellen Parsons on the longrunning TV series “Damages,” in which she co-starred with Glenn Close for five seasons.

In “Neighbors” the brunette beauty plays Kelly Radner, a young mom whose quiet suburban neighborhood was disrupted by a group of college boys who turned the house next door into a frat house. After successfully defeating the fraternity in the original comedy, she and her husband Mac (Seth Rogen, reprising his role) now face a more formidable foe—a sorority—that has moved into the boys’ vacated digs.


Q: Was it nice to have Zac on your team this time?
Byrne: It was nice. I think I have a very maternal role toward him.

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Rose Byrne

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