Russell Crowe Interview – The Nice Guys – “don’t ask me if I have a man crush on him [Ryan Gosling]”


Time was, you could always rely on Russell Crowe to create some level of furore. If he wasn’t throttling awards ceremony producers, he was chucking phones at innocent receptionists.

His verbal assaults have landed him in even hotter water, not least with an arrogantly perceived comment calling for 40 year-old actresses to quite chasing 21 year-old parts.

And today, grizzled and manly in a black shirt and grey blazer, the 52 year-old is making more age slighting remarks. Although only about his own increasing number.


Q: Judging from the press tour for this film and the skits you’ve done, you really really like Ryan Gosling.

CROWE: You know what, I love the guy. Do anything for him, really genuinely would. He’s one of the nice ones. One of the nice guys [laughs].  But don’t ask me if I have a man crush on him though…

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