Ryan Gosling: “It’s Harrison Ford, he’s an icon for generations, it’s bizarre being in his presence.”

While discussing his scenes with the actual man himself, who also shares top billing with Gosling in Bladerunner 2049, the 36 year-old former Mouseketeer has a chilled, relaxed demeanour about him.
Minus the publicity tempest swirling his every move, one gets the impression he’d be the perfect drinking buddy, swapping stories and anecdotes with ease. Unfortunately, the La La Land star is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and therefore employs a very guarded approach to promotional duties. Attempting to divert from the movie is a tall effort. But not impossible. In jeans and a grey sweater, with his ash blond hair tightly styled, he periodically flashes a set of winsome dimples, contrasting with an intense blue-eyed stare.

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