Sajid Tarar Interview – “Trump is the victim of a liberal media”


While Donald Trump has been calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, it seems the Republican candidate is gaining supporters in some of the most unlikely places. Sajid Tarar, founder of Muslims for Trump, discusses his endorsement. Tarar, 56 who recited the closing prayer on Day 3 of the Republican Convention, lives in Baltimore with his wife and four children, and is one of the growing number of Muslims who support Trump.


Q. Why would Muslims support Trump when he’s talked about banning them from the US?

T: Trump is the victim of a liberal media. He was saying there would be a ban but with exceptions. He’s willing to build a wall but there are doors in that wall. The liberal media skip the last part and just say he wants to ban Muslims, he wants to build a wall, he’s anti immigrants, he’s anti everything.

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Sajid Tarar

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