Salma Hayek Interview – Tale of Tales – “I was going to retire because I was exhausted”


While it’s always been a dream for Salma Hayek to star in an epic period drama, coping with the cumbersome corsets in her new film, Tale of Tales, proved a little tricky for the costumed neophyte.

“They were so heavy,’ she cries, casual in a black blazer and matching sheer top with swan detail. “I could barely move. Every time I needed to go to the toilet, I needed help from a girl who needed to stay with me while I went. It was embarrassing.”


Q: Was there a point when you weren’t happy with the roles you were getting?
HAYEK: Yes, I was going to retire. I was going to retire because I was exhausted, I was tired. The offers weren’t challenging, they were too similar to what I had done before. I always thought that I was going to do less and less acting and when it seems like it was heading that way, suddenly these characters were coming my way. Creative, artistic, deep, detailed roles, I can’t understand and my agents can’t understand, I’m getting more and more projects as an actress.

Word count: 2060

Salma Hayek

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