Sarah Jessica Parker Interview – Divorce – “it’s our private relationship not meant for mass consumption”



After Sex and the City ended twelve years ago, Sarah Jessica Parker swore never again to television. So what changed? “I like the process of television, telling a story in a certain speedy, urgent pace of time, working with incredible artists to do that. It felt right.” Today I’m speaking with the star, formerly known as Carrie Bradshaw, the glamourous Manhattanite singleton who went onto inspire a generation of singletons with her witty quips, daring sartorial choices and sexual escapades.


Q: Is that difficult to maintain?

PARKER: No, not at all. We’ve had a lot of practice, 19 years of not talking about our marriage because it’s our marriage and it’s our private relationship not meant for mass consumption and we like to keep it that way. It’s our way and we both enjoy keeping it close to our hearts.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

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