Sarah Jessica Parker Interview – Divorce – “I think life tells you who you are that day and what you want to say”


It’s been 11 years since Sex and the City went off the air, spawning a hit feature film follow up in 2008 followed by a reviled sequel two years later, effectively turning audiences off the once beloved funny, female foursome.


Q: And how do you live fashion day by day? You always look great – especially in the Giambattista Valli dress you‘re wearing today?!

SJP: No, I don’t. I really don’t! But you are nice to say so. I think like everybody else, your day dictates what you wear. If I’m running the kids to school in NYC, you are just getting them out of the door; what is paramount at that time is to be punctual and get them out and if it’s freezing and raining or snowing, you dress for your day.

Word count: 1948

Sarah Jessica Parker,

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