Sofia Boutella Interview – Star Trek Beyond – “[Madonna] shaped a lot of who I am today”


Sofia Boutella is pretty adamant she doesn’t want to get typecast. After a decade ruling the dance circuit and working with Madonna, Rihanna and by default, Michael Jackson, the Algerian born star-in-the-making quit to pursue her dream of acting.

And after two years of auditioning and rejection, Boutella hit paydirt with Colin Firth’s Kingsman as the blade-toiting amputee assassin, Gazelle and alien warrior Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond.


Q: Just because of her general public persona, she’s someone you wouldn’t want to piss off.

BOUTELLA: To be dancing beside Madonna for eight years, it’s out of this world. Like nothing you can ever predict or imagine. Yes she has this ‘out there’ large persona but she’s the sweetest most down earth…she’s taught me so much about the world, about myself. You know, she shaped a lot of who I am today.

It’s so funny for anyone to describe her as scary, she was so warm and loving to all of her dancers and she knew all of us so well, individually, we all had our relationship with her.

You know, she knew I wanted to go into acting, and always encouraged that. I remember she personally introduced me to Marion Cotillard particularly because she knew my desires. She really cares like that. A lot of my success in acting so far is down to learning and working with her.

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Sofia Boutella

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