Tom Ford Interview – Nocturnal Animals – “I am culpably responsible for promoting that culture”



Everything on meeting Tom Ford is perfection. His black tailored suit is perfect; his leather shoes are perfect; his black tie is in a perfect knot; his dark facial hair is perfect. Even the air in the room is a perfect temperature.


Q: Like A Single Man, style plays a central role, it’s the perfect combination of your two worlds.

FORD: … If style is to play a role in my filmmaking, it needs to be a character unto itself and that can be said about Susan’s aesthetic and these pristine environs she surrounds herself with. It represents her disguise behind perfection, something that current culture values imbue on us, this idea that if you have this or that, your life will be perfect and before you say it, yes I am culpably responsible for promoting that culture. I’m very aware of that…

Word count: 1734

Tom Ford

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