Tom Hanks Interview – Inferno – “I’m always running in these movies”


Tom Hanks claims to have a fondness for the publicity trail. Which is a rare admission for a Hollywood actor. Normally the moans and groans of stars and starlets having to repetitively having to repeat oneself is a complaint heard loud and often. But the two-time Oscar winner is the consummate pro.


Q: You’re turning 60, how are you handling are the physicality of this movie because Robert is always running?

HANKS: I’m always running in these movies, these movies keep me fit and relatively healthy, I like to think. We’re running to save the world, that’s the best kind of running there is.

But at least, with all my running, I’m in a dreadful pair of Hush puppy type shoes, thank god for that because the cobble stones and gravel steps of Florence and Venice are a hodge podge of hidden death, but I’m at least running in flats, Felicity is running in high heels.

Word count: 1671

Tom Hanks

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