Tom Hiddleston Interview – High-Rise – “The film [shows how] human beings are only one neighbourly argument away from killing each other”


TORONTO – It’s not often you meet someone who earned a double-first in Classics at Cambridge.  It’s even rarer when you meet a movie star with those credentials.  But that’s the kind of gravitas that gives Tom Hiddleston an added edge whenever he takes on a role.  Best known for his continuing role as the villainous Loki in Marvel Comics’ Thor/Avengers’ franchises, the British actor has also distinguished himself in films ranging from last year’s horror flick Crimson Peak to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (as F. Scott Fitzgerald).


Q:  What about the film’s depiction of orgies.  How do you find working within that kind of context?

HIDDLESTON:  When it comes to orgies, I think people are entitled to their passions!  (Smiles)  I haven’t personally participated in any, but I like the way Ballard attempts to break down the veneer of civilised behaviour and throw his characters into very extreme physical and psychological situations.  The film follows that vision in showing how human beings are only one neighbourly argument away from killing each other and entering into brutal and barbaric behaviour.

Word count: 1700

Tom Hiddleston

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