Tom Hiddleston Interview – Kong: Skull Island – “I like to be involved in projects that can inspire and change people”



Despite his Apollonian good looks, Tom Hiddleston is playing his fair share of dark, bad-ass characters.


Q:  You’ve chosen to work on very diverse kinds of projects over the years ranging from your Thor films to indie projects like High Rise and also John Le Carré’s The Night Manager.  Is there any one thing that guides your acting choices?

HIDDLESTON:  I like to be involved in projects that can inspire and change people. I believe that art can inspire people. I remember being extremely touched by Mike Leigh’s Secrets and Lies and I was also struck by the complexity of the world after watching Fernando Meirelles’s The Constant Gardener (also based on a John Le Carré novel – ED)…

Tom Hiddleston

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