Travis Fimmel Interview – Warcraft – “[the horse] knocked me off and then fell on top of me”


Exclusive Interview

It’s difficult to figure out if Travis Fimmel is deeply shy or overwhelmingly arrogant?

His demeanour during interviews -slow, apathetic responses laced with a series of crooked smirks – suggests the latter. But he begs the former, at least when it comes to his work. “I’m never confident or assured,” he says, flashing those steely wolf blues. ‘I’m always nervous for every movie, everything I work on. You want it to be successful, you want it to be received well by audiences.”


What happened?

FIMMEL: I fell off the horse, that was it. It’s an animal and it got freaked out by the environment, all the armour it had on and lights and fans. And someone turned on one of the fans and it sort of bucked and knocked me off and then fell on top of me. Thankfully the armour I was wearing formed a protective shield, otherwise it could have been a different story. These animals weight a lot.

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Travis Fimmel

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