Viggo Mortensen Interview – Captain Fantastic – “I’m much more interested right now in trying to direct films”


CANNES – Viggo Mortensen has long made it plain that he wants to make interesting movies that will stand the test of time.  Impossibly handsome, his chiseled features could have enabled him to enjoy a comfortable career as a Hollywood leading man.  Instead, the Danish-American actor has preferred to carve out his screen identity in outstanding indie films such as The Two Faces of January and The Road as well as his David Cronenberg trilogy – A History of Violence, A Dangerous Method, and Eastern Promises, the latter film earning him an Oscar nomination.


Q:  You’re an accomplished artist in many fields.  Would you like to play an artist in a film one day?

MORTENSEN:  No, not really. I’m much more interested right now in trying to direct films. I have three projects I’m working on. We’ll have to see!

Word count: 1530

Viggo Mortensen

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