Wagner Moura Interview – Narcos 2 – “It’s the craziest case of miscasting in the history of casting”



To prepare for playing Pablo Escbobar, the reviled and revered leader of the Medillin drug cartels in the monster Netflix success Narcos, Wagner Moura poured over any research he could find written about the legendary criminal and for some, modern day saint. And then he wiped it clean from his mind.


Q: You really had a tough challenge ahead when taking on this role because not only did you not look like him, you couldn’t speak Spanish.

MOURA: It’s the craziest case of miscasting in the history of casting [laughs]. I freely say that. I didn’t speak the language, I look nothing like him, what were they thinking? I judge them a little for casting me. If it wasn’t for my very good friend [director Jose Padilha], I wouldn’t have got into the room to read for Pablo. He knew what we could do together.

Word count: 1606

Wagner Moura

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