Wentworth Miller Interview – “I believe that the future hopefully holds other things for me”



Armed with a degree from America’s elite Princeton University, Wentworth Miller III is perhaps better suited to working for the U.S. state department than toiling in Hollywood. But admirers of the strikingly handsome 6’1″ heartthrob are undoubtedly grateful that acting remains his principal passion.


Q: You seem to keep your distance with fame and success. Could you easily let go of the business, move on and do something else?

MILLER: I enjoy acting. I can’t think of anything else that gives me that kind of buzz. But I believe that the future hopefully holds other things for me, like writing, directing and producing. That’s still within the context of the business…But writing is also a very satisfying creative experience and I want to continue working in that direction.

Wentworth Miller

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