Robert Pattinson interview: The Lighthouse

“I’m not trying to be deliberately provocative or look for roles that audiences are going to find shocking, I’m basically looking for challenging films which make me feel like I have no idea how I’m going to play my character.”

From teen heartthrob to gritty indie star, Robert Pattinson chats about leaving Twilight and the trappings of fame behind him, staying grounded, and how his latest string of risk-taking roles is just the beginning…


Q: Does the fame ever become tiresome or disruptive?

PATTINSON: It’s only really a problem when it interferes with my work and there are people waiting in front of my hotel to get autographs or selfies and it makes me late getting to the set or usually when I’m arriving to do interviews. But I understand that the attention is the reflection of the incredible appreciation and love people have for the Twilight films. Without those movies I might never have had any career at all as an actor and I will always be grateful for that experience.

Q: How have you been able to stay grounded?

 PATTINSON: I’ve never allowed myself to believe that all the attention is for me. You need to separate your identity from your celebrity because as soon as you start letting yourself think that when your hear applause, they’re applauding you, you’re f***ed!

Q: You seem to be the kind of individual who enjoys taking risks in his work?

PATTINSON: After having experienced the kind of fame and commercial success very few actors ever get to enjoy, I wanted to be able to take risks. I knew that High Life would be controversial (there is implied incest in the film – ED) and now I would love to play maybe in a film about a dancer.

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