Elisabeth Moss interview: Handmaid’s Tale S3

“I do like it dark when it comes to acting. I’ve always found darker characters and stories more compelling although I’m not really sure why I’m drawn to that….I don’t let playing a dark character torment me and I don’t need to torment myself to be able to play someone like June, either.”

Star of the massively popular Handmaid’s Tale, and both Mad Men and West Wing before that, Elisabeth Moss talks about the series’ cultural impact, its parallels with the modern world off-screen, and her desire to play strong, flawed female characters.


Q: What for you is the most important message that the series has for women?

MOSS: It’s that women are so much stronger when we stand together and how we are weaker when we are divided and fighting each other. The women in this story begin to realise their strength and become empowered when they start to connect with each other and become allies in a common struggle. Once they understand the power they have when they work together, they see that they can change their world.

Q: Do you also feel inspired by your work in the series?

MOSS: I do…I remember feeling this incredible sense of pride when we were shooting at the Lincoln Memorial (in Washington, D.C.). It’s the place where the principles on which our country was built [are represented] and which is symbolic of really important ideas of democracy and human rights.

Q: What do you make of the current rise of feminism?

 MOSS: I’ve been a feminist in terms of my outlook and attitude since I was a young girl. I spent seven seasons doing ‘Mad Men’ where I played what I would call a very feminist character. Now we have the freedom to embrace the term feminism in a way that we’ve never had before.

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