Elle Fanning interview: Teen Spirit

“In some ways though I feel like I’m in a bit of a limbo. Am I really getting old? Am I really an adult even though I don’t feel like that, at least not completely.”

The younger half of the superstar Fanning sisters, Elle, can boast of quite the career so far for a 21-year-old. She chats about new film Teen Spirit, a potential move into music and following in sister Dakota’s footsteps.


Q: You’re now 21. Do you have the feeling that you’re an adult now and taking life more seriously or are you still enjoying being young and free-spirited?

FANNING: I feel more or less the same as ever, but it’s kind of sad to leave my teenage years behind me [although] I don’t feel that I missed out on anything because I already had a career so young. I’ve had a very normal and also a very interesting life that has allowed me to travel and experience things most people my age never have the chance to. So I feel very lucky.

Q: Have you ever felt adrift or experienced any anxiety from pursuing a career at such a young age?

FANNING: Dakota paved the way for me. I shot in my first film at the age of one and a half. I played Dakota as a baby during a flashback in I Am Sam. I can say that I grew up in this industry and I’ve never felt out of place or intimidated at any time. I’ve always felt the security that comes with that.

Q: Do you have any particular preference when it comes to choosing roles?

FANNING: Oh, I loved the chance to play a bad girl in The Beguiled. That was really new to me. And now I just feel like I’m starting to play characters that are as far away from me as possible. I know that becoming a good actress involved a lot of hard work and commitment and I’m trying to find as many good projects as possible.

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